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Stop dreaming, start packing

Without expectations, only exploring

Travel alone, but always in a group

Discover wonderful corners of Dalmatia

Have fun in good company

Choose a journey tailored to your wishes and create the most beautiful memories


Stop dreaming, start packing

We understand. You want to see the world, but travelling alone can be frightening. Relax, this is not a traditional cruise. With cruise for singles you will enjoy in exciting holidays on different destinations while you will make friends with fun-seeking adult singles. You will experience the excitement of travelling together with people like you.

On the cruises you will enjoy in:

  • A complete experience together with accommodation, food and entertainment on board
  • Entertainment events on the ship, themed parties, dance lessons, social evenings, you will be able to take part in speed dating, taste wines, sightseeing or to rest in solitude and read
  • Friendly hosts on board will all the time of cruise take care for you and will be at disposal for you for all questions and make your cruise perfect.
  • Every day you will discover a new, wonderful island;
  • go on different interesting trips,
  • taste the best mediterranean food,
  • dive in beautiful bays,
  • or just enjoy in peace in reading a book on the ship.

For all information and details you might be interested in, just send us a mail on cruises&Aglaia.si. Your contact data will be strictly kept private.

In company with the Milena Pleško Team and Aglaia

Milena Pleško, matchmaker for connecting singles, expert for relationships and partnerships, owner of the company Aglaia, has been for a number of years successfully connecting singles and with different approaches and techniques she helped many people through bringing warmness and love. As an expert she also took part in the first season of the show Marriage at first sight.

Together with a warm and cohesive team they organise also cruises, holidays, different events and workshops for singles to be more successful with searching for a twin single partner.

This kind of activities and connecting offer additional opportunity to meet new friends, new ways of entertainment and to enjoy in good company.

In the year 2023 they actively continue with events and prepared for you wonderful and unforgettable experiences. We invite you to join many of them who, like you, don’t want to travel alone !

Why cruise for singles ?

Do you like to travel, but you momentarily don’t have company? Are you single and you would like to meet new people, who adore travelling? Would you like to experience a perfect holiday and come back home rested and with a lot of wonderful memories?

Yes? So it’s time, to embark on new adventures with us!

For all of that reasons and more, the cruising is always a popular way of holidays for single travellers. Notwithstanding whether you decide for a cruising or itinerary travel, intended specially for particular travellers or you decide for an individual navigation on a standard cruise, there is no lack of alternatives.

Our ships offer unbelievable experience for all participants, which gives you an unique opportunity to connect with others, who think in the similar way as you, and to create long lasting friendships. Notwithstanding whether you travel alone, with a partner or with a group of friends, you will feel on our ship as at home.

We understand that every traveller is different, so we created our cruises in the way that they correspond to a wide range of interests. You will be able to enjoy in parties, trips, culinary delights and experience the power of nature and the sea. From relaxation on a remote beach to exploration of a historical town, our timetable is designed in such a way that it will show you the best of Dalmatia.

In the evenings we organise excellent entertainment on board or on the beach, where you can socialize, dance and create unforgettable memories with other guests. We understand that everybody has different interests, so we offer diverse trips, from historic tours to wine tasting, so that everybody can find something that suits him. There are actually a lot of possibilities and chances, so that the cruise is suitable for all.

  • Our groups are for singles, but the participation on all events is always optional. You can freely move and hang out as much as you want, or you simply relax and enjoy in your independence.
  • The cruise ship is neither too big nor too small.
  • The cruises are adopted to all age groups, but as you surely know, on a ship the age doesn’t matter, it is energy and goodwill that count.
  • Relaxed and without expectations. Be always open for love between the waves and to new travel adventures.
  • Even if our groups are meant for singles, there are also welcome all the others, interested in cruising and socializing, or just relaxation and enjoying solitude.

What can you expect

  • Invitation to the group before cruise and information about the accommodation before the cruise and data about transportations
  • Access to our private website of the group on Facebook, so that you can start the communication with other singles, that will take part in your cruise, if you want
  • Programme of daily events and timetable of our themed evenings, so that you will more easily plan, what to pack
  • A list of optional trips and shore excursions in towns you are going to visit on the cruise, parties on the beach, mask diving, hiking, bike rental, sightseeing and more
  • Contact date of our guide before the journey.


Wonderful gay Dalmatia cruise

10. 6. to 17. 6. 2023

We have prepared a programme for you created in such a way, that it can be adopted to your wishes. Your only task is to embark and to surrender to pampering, exploration, discovering and harmony. Eight full days with people, which are like you, open minded, thinking in a similar way and ready to make your acquaintance and to weave threads that will remain. Indulge yourself to the influence of the Dalmatian music, the infectious calmness of the locals and crystal sea will bring you there, where the fondest memories are written.

You will admire the islands from the sea, but you will also be able to feel the pulse of them. You will explore them on your own, or you will join the sightseeing we are going to organise with the local tourist guides.

If you will not feel like exploring of the towns and their pulse, you will be able to relax on the spacious terrace, surrounded by sun rays or you will let your skin taste the salt and in this way cool off in the pleasant turquoise sea. Your wishes will serve as the map of the possibilities and in this way we will make your voyage unforgettable.

Wonderful cruise for singles with Milena Pleško

16.9 to 23.9.2023

Wonderful cruise for singles who do not want to go on holiday on their own. Journey among beautiful islands is a unique opportunity to learn about relationships, searching for a partner and to meet and build new friendships. The time has come to open your heart to love.

Are you tired of going on holidays alone ? Do you want to meet new people and potentially to find love while exploring some of the most beautiful islands in the world ? Look no further, you have found your holidays, our cruise for singles.


“For all who are asking “Shall I do it ?” the answer is YES, but be careful, it becomes contagious. After much reflection, shall I go on cruise with Aglaia, I have tried. This was many years ago! Now I go to the cruise every year. You can take part in all activities or just in some, anyway it adds to your journey something that you cannot do alone.”


“We met with my partner on a cruise. It was not a love at first sight. But we have slowly built a nice connectedness and deep love. We intend to marry ON A CRUISE!”


Last year I went to a cruise with Milena Pleško, as the company with which I planned the holiday changed their mind, so I was left without company for vacations. Without expectations I embarked on an experience with Milena and Aglaia team. It was really crazy. From the first moment on we all knew what our status was. The energy was really good from the first moment on. As well as the food and the team. It was most surprising for me that people actually took part in workshops, where we were discussing about relationships, communication, sex … where people opened themselves and where I have learned a lot. We had such a good time, that we still sometimes meet each other on some St. Martin’s Day celebration or a picnic.


I went to the cruise with some scepticism, as I was afraid there will be only women present. But this was not the case. The energy was well distributed and the socialising gave me the entire week the feeling, that I belong somewhere and that I am welcome. Thank you.



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