Cruise for singles with Milena Pleško

16. 9. until 23. 9. 2023

A cruise for singles and those who love to travel but currently have no company

16. 9. until 23. 9. 2023

A wonderful opportunity to meet new people and create beautiful memories

16. 9. until 23. 9. 2023

A perfect break, in a friendly company of singles

16. 9. until 23. 9. 2023

8 day dream cruise for singles and solo travelers

16. 9. until 23. 9. 2023

Enjoy the beautiful corners of the Dalmatian islands

16. 9. until 23. 9. 2023


Wonderful Cruise for singles who do not want to go on holiday alone

A journey among the beautiful Dalmatian islands is an unique opportunity for learning about relationships, searching for a partner and meet and build new friendships.

The time has come to open your heart to love.

Are you tired of leaving on holiday alone ? Would you like to meet new people and potentially find love during researching some of most beautiful islands in the world ? Don’t look no further, you have found your holidays, our splendid cruise for singles !

Enlarge your social circle.

Not only that you will have the opportunity to find a romantic partner, you will also have the opportunity to enlarge your social circle with like-minded individuals. Our  cruise for singles is a perfect place for meeting new people and creating permanent friendships. With various fun activities and group trips you will have a lot of opportunities for connecting with others and creating unforgettable memories.

Explore the Dalmatian islands

The Dalmatian islands are known for their stunning landscape, crystal clear sea and rich cultural heritage. During the cruising from island to island you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins, charming fishing villages and vibrant towns. No matter if you prefer the relaxation on the beach, walks in rugged terrain or Exploration of historic places, on our exquisite cruise for singles there can be found something for everybody.

Don’t allow to let one more vacation pass without opportunity to open your heart to love.

Join our interesting cruise for singles and allow us to help you creating memories, lasting all your life. Book now and prepare yourself for the journey of your life !

In the company with the team of Milena Pleško and Aglaia

Are you tired of endless browsing through dating apps or going to numberless unsuccessful dates ? Allow the extremely cohesive team of the agency Aglaia led by Milena Pleško to help you to find the love of your life! Milena Pleško has for many years being connecting singles and has with different approaches and techniques helped many people to bring into their lives warmness and love. The members of Aglaia are never bored. They are active and get to know new places. They have their dreams and wishes, they do not miss opportunities and are living full lives.

Travel among the stunning Dalmatian islands and discover new friendships and learn valuable skills about relationships and searching for partners in  the contemporary world.

Milena and her team will introduce and present to you interesting and valuable techniques with which you will in an easier way find a matching partner. She will lead you through eventual challenges, which can appear during the journey.

Through years of experience and proven performance our team is devoted  to find matching partners to the singles.

Milena and her team are constantly trying to understand your needs, preferences and wishes in order to ensure someone who will really suit you.

Join us on our unique cruise for singles, where you will have the opportunity to connect with our team of experts for finding matches. Allow us to lead you on your way of seeking love of your life and enjoy in numberless advantages of cooperation with Milena Pleško the team of the agency Aglaia. If exploring towns and their pulse will not suit you, you can relax on the spacious terrace, surrounded by sun rays or to cool down in the pleasant, turquoise sea. Your wishes will serve us as a map of possibilities and in this way we will make sure that your journey will be unforgettable.

Advantages of our matchmaking team

Personalised service:

We are cooperating with you one-to-one in order to understand your unique preferences, values and interests and we guarantee you to connect you only with people, which are really compatible.

Extensive network:

With our extensive network we have access to a great number of potential matches.

Checking the history:

We carry out extensive checking of history and procedure of checking in order to ensure safety and the safety of our customers.

Ongoing support:

We offer ongoing support and leadership in the entire process of searching for the partners and we offer you valuable feedback and tips, which will help you to find the right partner.

A programme, tailored to your wishes

Our cruise for singles is a perfect place to meet new people and to create permanent friendships. With different fun activities and group trips you will have a lot of opportunities for networking with others and creating of unforgettable memories. We have prepared such a programme for you, created in such a way, that it can be adopted to your wishes. Your only task is to embark and to surrender to pampering, exploration, discovering and harmony. Eight full days with people, which are like you, open minded, thinking in a similar way and ready to make new acquaintance. Indulge yourself to the influence of the Dalmatian music, the infectious calmness of the locals and crystal sea bringing you there, where the fondest memories are written.

You will admire the islands from the sea, but you will also be able to feel the pulse of them. You will explore them on your own, or you will join the sightseeing we are going to organise with the local tourist guides.

Premium Superior Ship Casanova

Our luxury ship offers an incredible experience for all people, loving sea and are without company for holidays. We offer you a unique opportunity to connect with other people, thinking in a similar way as you, and to create wonderful memories. Notwithstanding whether you travel alone, with a partner or with a group of friends, on the ship you will feel like at home.

We understand that every traveller is different, so we have planned our cruise in such a way, that it meets a wide range of interests. You will have the opportunity to enjoy in parties, trips, culinary delights and to experience the power of nature and the sea. From relaxation on a remote beach to the exploration of historical towns our timetable is designed to present the best of Dalmatia.

During the day we will explore the most beautiful pearls of the Adriatic, stop on the islands and beaches, to which most of the travellers can’t access. You will have the opportunity to dive in the crystal clear see, to walk through lush forests and to admire unbelievable views from the top of the mountain.

In the evening we will organise great socialising on the deck or on the coast, where you will be able to socialise, dance and create unforgettable memories with other guests. We understand that everybody has specific interests, so we offer different trips, from historic tours to wine tasting, so that everybody will be able to find something that will suit him.




Length: 39 m
Width: 8 m

Number of cabins: 19 cabins for guests

Above deck: 12 cabins – 6 twin cabins
5 double cabins
1 single cabin

Below deck: 8 cabins – 6 twin cabins
2 double cabins – queen size bed

Cabin equipment: En-suite, Air-conditioning, Safe, Hair dryer, Wardrobe
Bathroom: in the cabin, shower cabins, washbasin and WC
Beds: double beds: 200 x 140 cm, twin beds: 200 x 90 cm

On the highest ship’s deck there is a fenced and spacious sun deck with  sun loungers at disposal covering an area of 180 sq. meters. An X factor is the swimming platform with 2 ladders and handrails for an easy access to the seawater.

Experience Hvar, Brač, Mljet, Korčula and Dubrovnik

In eight magical days we will visit five most beautiful Dalmatian islands: Korčula, Lastovo, Vis, Hvar and Brač. But we will also not forget the romantic Split and always lively Makarska Riviera.

To make your cruising really carefree, will be taken care by 7-member team, which will enable your comfortable stay and indulge your taste buds with seafood delicacies and local specialities. In the evenings we will explore the towns together and through enjoyable socialising easily and amusing train the skills of the day.

The purpose of the cruising is, that the socialising and learning blends effortlessly with enjoyment, exploring and a quality dining experience.

PROGRAMME OF THE CRUISING / 16. 9. TO 23. 9. 2023

At the arrival in the port of Split you will be met by our representative and directed to the ship. The check-in of passengers will start at 21.00 at arrival on the ship and will be followed by dinner. Overnight in Split.

We will leave Split early in the morning, breakfast on board, and sail towards Makarska. On the way to Makarska we will have enough time for bathing in one of the most beautiful bays of Hvar – Povlja. Lunch on the ship. Arrival in Makarska in the afternoon. Free afternoon for individual activities. Overnight in Makarska. Makarska is a paradise for fun-seekers.

Early in the morning departure towards the island of Korčula with a break in one of the wonderful, breathtaking bays of Korčula. Lunch on board. Arrival in Korčula in the afternoon. Korčula is the hometown of the famous researcher Marko Polo. Free afternoon for individual activities. Overnight in Korčula.

Today we start our way towards the wonderful National Park – the Islands of Lastovo. Breakfast on board, served during the navigation. Before arrival there will be a break for bathing in the bays, surrounded by untouched nature and blue sea. Lunch on board and arrival in Lastovo in the afternoon. After arrival free afternoon for individual activities. In the evening return to the ship and Captains Dinner on board. Overnight in Lastovo.

We will leave Lastovo early in the morning and after breakfast on board we will sail towards Vis with a break for bathing in one of the wonderful bays with crystal clear sea. Arrival in Vis after lunch in the afternoon. After arrival free time for individual activities, Overnight in Vis.

6th DAY / VIS – HVAR
Today our goal is Hvar. Before reaching Hvar we will see the Blue Spire (in case the weather conditions will be favourable) with the possibility of extra charges for the tour – the entrance fee amounting about 12 EUR is payable on the spot and you will be witness to her beauty and enjoy in the silver-blue colour, which makes it very special. Arrival in Hvar in the afternoon. Lunch on board. The afternoon will be free for individual activities. Overnight in Hvar.

We are leaving Hvar in the morning and heading with the breakfast on the bord to Bol, our last goal. Bathing break (in case of favourable weather) and lunch on board on the way towards Bol. The arrival is planned in the afternoon. Overnight in Bol.

The planned start to Split is in the early morning hours. After breakfast the only remaining words are “we see you soon”. Disembarkation from the ship by 09.00

Special bonus: Added value of the entire cruise is socialising, education and workshops with Milena Pleško and her team

Through light-hearted lectures and practical exercises will those, who will be interested in, be able to upgrade their techniques of connecting, communication skills, and to obtain information, how can they be in the world of singles more successful and to know more about relationships and partnerships.

During the entire journey Milena Pleško will organise morning meditations and/or gymnastic exercises. Every day after lunch you will be able to join her with her workshops and lectures about relationships in our times, when the expectations about partnership and searching for partner are very high. She will make you think about how are you loving, what are your wishes and how do you connect.

On the cruise persons from different circles will join us, butt all of them are emotionally and academically intelligent. Milena Pleško and her team will help you with getting to know, socialising and navigation in twists and turns of contemporary love, where you will be able to learn about everything about energies, dates, online dating, infidelity in today’s digital times, conflicts, communication and trust.

For the couples she will also highlight, how can you with your partner learn how to sharpen your intelligence in the relationship and to prepare for a life full of intimacy, wishes and trust.

At the same time Milena Pleško will be personally at your disposal for your questions.

But first of all everybody on this cruise will have in common that they are single, which eliminates the discomfort for all singles, that have to travel alone.

Join us on the cruise for singles and discover new opportunities for love and friendship. In pleasant company and with assistance of experienced matchmaker, different fun activities and wonderful landscape you will enjoy in a wonderful journey and incredible experience.

Book now and prepare yourself for the adventure of your life !

Don’t allow another holiday to pass by without opportunity to open your heart to love. Join us on our attractive cruise for singles and allow us to help you with creating memories, which will last all life long. Book now and prepare yourself for the journey of your life !

It is very important that you book as early as possible, as applications immediately before the start of the cruise are for us a big challenge because of the necessary organisation.

ONLY 1.499,00 EUR

We can guarantee you a place on the trip only by paying an advance payment (€ 500.00).
When you sign up for your trip, we’ll send you all the necessary instructions.

Early check-in means an upper cabin reservation.

It is very important to register as soon as possible, because registration right before the present is a big challenge due to the prior organization.


  • 7 nights on board
  • Buffet breakfast daily
  • Three-course lunches
  • Captain’s Dinner
  • Unlimited water from on-board automatic machine
  • Daily services in the cabin, change of the linen in the middle of the week

Included footpath:

  • 1 guided tour through the city of Dubrovnik (Tours through Hvar and Korčula are extras, you can pay them on the ship)


  • Port charges 60 EUR per person/week – obligatory (paid on the ship)
  • Tips
  • Meals and drinks, not listed in the programme
  • Transfers to Split and back
  • Optional excursions and entrance fees
  • Towel rental for the beach: 5 EUR per person/week
  • Entrance fee to the National Parks


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Have fun in unexpected ways with old and new friends. Always smiling. Sometimes crazy.


Izkusite intimo, kjer se lahko ponovno povežete. Kjer vsi govorimo jezik ljubezni, prijateljstva in bližine.


Uživajte v zabavah, izletih, kulinariki, izkusite moč narave in morja, naj v vas ponovno prebudita željo po svobodi in čarobnosti. Raznolike teme, za vse okuse.


Doživite izkušnjo najlepših dalmatinskih otokov iz drugačne perspektive. Oglejte si jih iz morja, videli jih boste popolnoma drugače.